Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Meet and Greet

Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2018 @ 3:49pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Yivliv Ra-Havrox & Elim Bendras & Thalitha

Mission: Trouble In The Frontier
Location: Deep Space 10, Trivas System
Timeline: January 17, 2388

Yivliv had spoiled Zachary, who, just a few months prior, had been sequestered in a former Dominion facility looking for ways to counter the Consortium without reinforcement or relief. In just a matter of days, the Efrosian had arranged for delegations from both the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Empire to meet at Deep Space 10 in the Trivas system. Though Zachary still would have preferred to conduct the negotiations on Starbase 72, its distance from the Gavarian frontier posed a problem, not to mention the access it would have given the Romulans inside Federation space. No, the edge of the frontier was perfect.

Admiral O’Connell and Ambassador Yivliv had arrived the day prior and had ample time to prepare the Nor-class station for this historic event. Still, it didn’t totally prepare him for the sight of five Cardassian Keldons arriving and three Romulan warbirds decloaking beside the station.

To say Zachary was nervous was an understatement. He’d conducted trade negotiations and other diplomatic business as a Starfleet Captain. But never had he worked on this scale, getting two major powers to agree. Two powers which had both fought against and alongside the Federation. In a way, he appreciated what he was about to undertake, and he’d appreciate it more when it was complete.

Tucked away on the habitat ring was a reception hall, a unique feature installed by the final head of Task Force 47. That was were Zachary waited for the delegations to arrive.

The first to enter were the Cardassians. While the admiral expected them to arrive last, Zachary could tell there was a bit of urgency in their behavior. It seemed they did not want to be here longer than they had to.

“Legate Elim Bendras,” Yivliv greeted the senior of the delegation.

“Ambassador Ra-Havrox,” replied the monotonous Cardassian. “And Admiral O’Connell,” he added with a curt nod. “I’m an admirer of your handiwork, Admiral.” The Consortium, after all, were no secret. It was like child’s play, gathering data on what really happened on the other side of the wormhole. Elim even pitied the Cardassian agents who were trapped on the other side. The screenings those agents were subjected to when they returned to the Union were tougher than most. After all, they couldn’t afford any Consortium influence on their reborn Union.

Zachary brandished a half-smile, unsure of whether or not he should receive that as a compliment. “All in a day’s service, I suppose.”

Elim chuckled, marvelling at the human’s attempt at humility, and his detection of Zachary’s discomfort. Perhaps he could use that at the negotiating table.

“Admiral Thalitha,” Yivliv called out suddenly, interrupting the uncomfortable discussion to announce the arrival of the Romulan delegation.

Military from both sides? Zachary thought as he greeted the silent Romulan. He watched her scan the room, undoubtedly sizing everything and everyone up prior to the beginning of talks. Just the fact that there was not a professional negotiator in the room, save for the Efrosian, told him the value both powers saw in the corridor, and their urgency to get this done. Diplomats would compliment and sleeze the other for weeks. Flag Officers would simply get the job done, and hold their own policy on the border.

“Admiral O’Connell,” Thalitha greeted her human counterpart. “I can appreciate the value your Federation has placed in these discussions, sending its greenest Vice Admiral.”

Zach did his best to obscure his surprise at her remark. “Perhaps it would surprise you to learn, Admiral, that I was slated to assume command of Olympus Base last year. That was just prior to the Federation withdrawing from the corridor. I like to think I understand the situation more than you know.”

The Romulan’s eyes shifted up and down, recalculating the human. “We shall see,” Thalitha observed. “Perhaps swiftness would be best for us all, wouldn’t you agree, Legate?”

The Cardassian smirked, noting the Romulan’s forwardness. Perhaps this would be easy, seeing how the Romulan did not desire to be here. “I would agree indeed, Admiral.” Both delegates then looked to Zachary and awaited his response.

Zachary looked at both of them, considering the schedule they’d prepared. Yivliv’s estimates stretched these talks over three days. Neither party looked like they wanted to spend more than three hours here. “Let’s get to it, shall we?” Zachary asked his Efrosian companion before gesturing to the delegations to follow him.

This would be interesting indeed.


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