Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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No Longer a Line

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 7:45pm by Major General Paul Potter & Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Settling In

Sitting behind his desk on Carnwennan Station, Paul looked out at the field of stars. He could see several ships belonging to the Carnwennan Tactical Group as they warped into the system. He was brought out of his thoughts as he heard the sound from his station meaning he finally had a connection to Starbase Seventy-Two.

Taking a moment to collect himself, Paul entered his command code to secure his office and the line as he waited for his superior officer.

The General was forced to wait a few minutes. Though the subspace link was established quickly, it became a matter of the Admiral clearing his office. It wasn't surprising that many wanted to speak with him. After, all, Task Force 72 covered a lot of ground now, especially since the Fourth Fleet continued to downsize and consolidate.

At last, the screen changed to show Vice Admiral O'Connell's face. This was the first time Zachary would actually speak to his Executive Officer by face and speech. Until now, it was all PADDwork and typed messages. "Major General. We meet at last."

"Yes, we do Admiral," Paul replied as he looked at the man, "I wish it hadn't taken so long, but we live in a different time. How are things on the base?"

Zachary smirked. "I'd say just getting settled, but the reality is I was tossed into the fire. I guess I shouldn't expect anything else thanks to the job title."

"It seems like getting thrown into the fire has become the standard," Paul replied, "You have the Breen and Cardassians and I have the Tzenkethi and the Talarian and that doesn't include what going on in the Expanse."

"Indeed," Zach replied. Part of him wished he saw the days where the Fourth Fleet had more than four task forces to cover known space. These days, it just seemed more and more complicated with little resources to work with. "I don't suppose this is a social call, is it?"

"No, it is not," Paul stated, "the Tzenkethi have become more aggressive regarding the border."

Paul knew what he had to do, and frankly he really did not want to make the suggestion, but at this point it was out of his hands and all he could do was make the request.

"Have they crossed it?" Zachary asked. He'd watched the Breen and Cardassians and Romulans trade blows for a while, all the while hoping that everyone else would keep their weapons quiet.

"Not at the moment, however several of my captains are reporting that they are making them nervous," Paul said, "I have reports of them stopping a few meters right from the border with weapons charged. Several of them have sped for the edge and then turn around."

"Taunting," Zachary observed. He'd seen similar actions by the Consortium, though not very often. "Testing our resolve. Make sure our Captains know not to take action unless the Tzenkethi cross the border."

"I have already given the order," Paul stated, "However, several of them have told me off the record that they are worried. They are alone in the Corridor with no help on the other end."

Zachary nodded. "I can't help but sympathize," he stated, the memory of the Consortium still fresh in his mind. "I don't suppose you already have a thought or two on how to proceed?"

"I have reviewed all of the options," Paul answered, "Of them, I can only recommend one, but it will require resources that will stretch thin."

"You mean thinner than we're already spread?" Zachary asked. "Building a starbase isn't much of an option at the moment."

"Not building a new base," Paul replied.

The admiral's eyebrows arched. His engineering background found that statement confusing. One couldn't build an old base, especially since Starfleet wasn't in the business of mothballing bases, just starships. "What are you suggesting, Paul?" Zachary inquired. "Moving a base?"

"I have looked at the numbers and that seems to be the only way," Paul stated, "It is the only opinion where they may back down."

He considered not just the options in front of them, but the sheer task of moving a base over a fair amount of distance. "Go on," Zachary said, prompting for more information.

"This idea was suggested by one of the groups' CO who has some engineering experience," Paul answered, "But the general gist is that we would evacuate all non-essential personnel from the base and use several ship assigned to the StratGroup and move the base via tractor beam. I see need to talk to C-oh-E about this idea."

"Exactly how far are you planning to move it?" Zachary asked. "Carnwennan's a fairly sizable station. Even moving at impulse with five ships dragging her, it would take a while to move her across a sector."

Tapping a few button on desk, Paul brought up a map displaying Carnwennan's current location with a red dot and displaying it potential location with a green dot. "At the moment, we would be using all thirteen ships assigned to the StratGroup to move the base and we would be moving to the dead center of the corridor."

It did not take long for Zachary to perform some basic calculations in his head. Between reducing the tonnage, creating a large enough static warp shell, and thirteen ships working in perfect tandem to pull the starbase, it would still take several weeks to make the move. "What about what could happen in the meantime? We're stretched pretty thin at the moment, and we'd have to redeploy a Task Group to cover for your StratGroup's absence."

"I feel that this is needed, Admiral," Paul answered, "Our ships are alone on the other side and it takes to long to response to help. By moving this base to the center of the corridor, we cut response time in half and then we also have the Marine Base half way from us. They can cover the southern half and we can cover the northern half."

"Don't get me wrong, General," Zachary cautioned. "I wasn't trying to talk you out of it. With our setbacks in the expanse, and with the uncertainty with the Union and Confederacy, we've got to do something. All I can tell you is to get it done quickly."

"Understood, Admiral," Paul stated. He would now how to meet with his senior staff. There was so much work to do.

"Is there anything else, Paul?" Zachary asked, looking at the man on his screen. Zach wasn't an empath, but he could tell the General had much on his mind.

"It the Hope," Paul answered. "I noticed that Captain Raymond had it flight path going through the old Inconnu Corridor. Do you remember if he filed any encounters with the Ravangers?"

"I haven't seen anything," Zachary confessed. "Though he's probably been lucky as of late."

Paul looked at his boss for a moment, "I think we should let everyone know that the Inconnu Corridor is off limits until we have a force capable of taking the area back."

Zach wasn't too pleased with that recommendation, yet he managed to keep his expression neutral. "As I understand it, the Federation doesn't have a claim to the Corridor, at least not yet. It's possible that these Ravagers got lucky, taking out Deep Space 7 so quickly. Adjusting our tactics and approach is probably a better form. Let's have our stronger ships watch the boundaries. We can send some reinforcements to add the smaller ships, or even escort them to safer areas. If we totally pull out now, it'll be harder for us to reinsert later."

Suppressing a grimace, Paul really disliked that fact that they really did not have a claim to the Inconnu Expanse because of violent gravitic pulse storms along its borders. It was because of these storms that starships had a tough time navigating. The Admiral's suggestion was not something he really liked, but it was the only option they had at the moment since the bigger ships had a tough time with the storms.

"Very, well Admiral. If you would excuse me, I have to hold a meeting with my senior staff so we can get underway. While also evacuating all nonessential personnel," Paul stated.

The Admiral nodded his approval. "Of course, General. I too, have a meeting around the corner. Keep me apprised of your status."


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