Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Strategic Planning

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 4:07pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: Breen Space
Timeline: December 12, 2388

***NOTE: This was originally published by Captain Harrison of Deep Space 12. This is being republished as a matter of canon.

A desolate moon slowly orbited a planet of no strategic importance. That is, it had no obvious importance. In fact, it was the base of Breen operations in the sector facing the Cardassian Union; or had been until very recently. Then the Cardassians overran first the Dorazia and Portas systems then the Sentek and Garzel systems in quick succession.

The Breen pulled back, abandoning the base but not destroying it. All systems were shut down and the Breen relied on the fact that all facilities were deep underground and shielded from scanning to avoid its detection. Their intent was to stabilise their response to the Cardassian attacks; to push back in a co-ordinated fashion; to once again use the base as their forward post. That was until the attempt to retake Dorazia led to the decimation of their fleet. That disaster was soon followed by the fall of two more systems to the Cardassians.

In the silence of what had once been the Situation Room, seven figures appeared. No-one was in fact there: all were holograms. The real people could be found across the whole of Breen space. The meeting had been called to discuss how to react to the Cardassian incursion. The location had been chosen for symbolic reasons. All seven were top ranking figures from within Breen government and military. Each represented one of the races which made up the core of the Breen Confederacy: the Silwaan, the Fenrisal, the Paclu, the Amoniri, the Vironat, the Silgov and the Kalystarians.

Mek, the Paclu representative, stood and held up his arms for silence. “Comrades,” he said, “we find ourselves at a cross-roads. I have called this meeting at Domo Gor’s request to discuss our response to the Cardassian attacks.”

The Vironat representative, Senn, spoke. He was a general in the Third Breen Fleet, currently based at Kel-Pran and thus directly facing the Cardassians. “We can hold where we are but I do not think the Cardsassians will strike in our direction. If I were them I would turn my advance and head towards Nivoch then strike for Garzel. That would have two benefits: it would threaten the flank of Breen itself and it would avoid attracting the attention of Starfleet’s Roosevelt Station and Deep Space 12.”

“How long can you hold,” Gar of the Silwaan asked. He had been an ambassador to the Dominion during the war, had fallen out of favour in the aftermath and had clawed his way back into prominence by dint of eliminating any who opposed him.

Senn turned to Bren of the Amoniri. “Our forces on and around Breen are well entrenched and we have strengthened our lines in response to the Cardassian attacks,” Bren advised. “As long as Kel-Pran can hold we can hold indefinitely. Senn and I have discussed this. Our main danger lies from the Cardassians attacking on two fronts; attacking Kel-Pran and Garzel simultaneously. Our analysis suggests they do not have the forces to do so.”

Mek touched as PADD in front of him. “Bren has made that analysis available. It has now been fed to you. Needless to say, it is for your eyes only. I concur with the analysis but I will give you time to peruse it.” He waited while those who had not seen it read it through.

“I see it mentions the Order of 12,” Tran of the Kalystarians said. “I do not know of this group.”

“If I may, Mek,” a new voice said.

“Go ahead, Jos.”

“Our Intelligence Services have been monitoring this group for some time but have given little attention to it. It was based near the Cardassian-Romulan border but in recent months it appears to have shifted the focus of its activity. We think it responsible for an attack on the planet Gaspar, located in the demilitarised zone between Cardassia and the Federation however we have not been able to confirm this.” The Silgov representative paused. “We have also received reports from agents still on Dorazia,” he continued, “that the group has many operatives at high levels within the Cardassian military. We think it seeks to establish itself as a new Obsidian Order.”

“Getting back to the analysis, what strategy do you suggest we adopt?” Nen of the Silgov asked.

“We are preparing for the Cardassians to turn their attack,” Bren replied. “However, we are aware of the possibility that they will not do so. If, however, they do as we expect, we will drive for Nivoch so as to split their forces. We will isolate and mop up the fleet on the Garzel side,” he asserted confidently, “or, at the very least, drive them back into Cardassian space. Those facing Kel-Pran we will drive into the Valoris Nebula where we can deal with them in our own good time.”

Kyn of the Fenrisal had not spoken to this point. Now he held up his hand.

“You have the floor, Kyn,” Mek said.

“Senn, you mentioned the Cardassians wishing to avoid drawing the attention of the Federation. Would not our pushing them into the Valoris Nebula achieve exactly that?”

“If I may,” Mek said with a nodd towards Senn. “Kyn, your people led the attack on Earth during the War and your hatred of the Federation is well known. However, it is my opinion that drawing the Federation’s attention would work in our favour. As I said, I concur with the analysis provided by Senn and Bren...or should I say I concur with the thrust of it. I think it overstates the capacity of our fleet to hold the Cardassians off over an extended period. Our fleet’s size is a third of what it was during the War and Cardassia’s has expanded. It is my firm belief that if we are to survive we will need to call on help. Who are likely to assist us? The Ferengi? Their only interest is gold plated latinum. The Tzenkethi? They assist only themselves. That only leaves the Federation. We must send out emissaries to the Federation to bring them in on our side in this war.”

The meeting quickly dissolved into chaos as each tried to express his opinion. Mek let it go for five minutes then held up his hand again. When that failed he banged his hand hard on the table in front of him. Slowly order resumed.

“Comrades, this will get us nowhere,” he said. “One at a time please. We will go round the table. Senn….”

Each in turn gave their views. They were not radically different though each placed their emphasis on a different tactic.

“Thank you,” Mek said. “I appreciate that none of you want to approach the Federation. I too think it would bring an unwanted incursion into our affairs. However, I see no option, not if we are to guarantee our long-term survival. Therefore I will propose to Domo Gor that we covertly approach the Federation. That approach will be made via Deep Space 12. They are currently investigating the attack on Gaspar. We will offer a sharing of intelligence on this Order of 12. From there we will see how matters progress and how much faith we can place in the much touted goodwill of the Federation.”


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