Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Fires Upon the Horizon

Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 1:19am by Rear Admiral Julius Woodard Sr

Mission: Tales from TF72
Location: Task Force Executive Office

It had been nearly a week since Julius arrived at Starbase 72 and he still had not found anytime to unpack his personal items for his office. Between the meetings with Intelligence on the movements with the Cardassians and the Alarkis Pact, and then strategic meetings with operations on ship placement; some days he wondered why he accepted being an Admiral.

As he picked up the tan colored box from the floor and placed it on his desk, Julius reached in and started putting the pictures of his children on a small stand at the end of his desk. After they were set in order he reached in and placed the colored models of his two commands, the Hornet and the Alpino. Last the picture of his wife he placed in front of him, and as usual a smile crept upon him; which was followed by a deep chuckle.

As he looked at his wife's picture, remembering the last time they spent time with one another. They had taken a summer trip to Traverse City, Michigan and spent a week along the smooth shore of the great lake. They were enjoying the festivities and one another company. Julius was becoming lost in his thoughts when he was disturbed by the familiar beeps of the internal communications system.

With a heavy sigh Julius tapped his comm badge "Woodard here," was his simple deep voiced reply.

=/\=My apologizes to disturb your Admiral, there is a priority call coming in from Ambassador Bren Taogurr, he says that he isn't going to be redirected anymore.=/\=

"Go ahead and put it through to my office ummm," he said as he drew a blank at his receptionists name.

=/\=Lieutenant Rachel Barnes sir.=/\=

"My apologizes Lieutenant Barnes," Julius said as he quickly wrote out a memo and placed her name on it so he could remember.

=/\=Not a problem Admiral, here is Ambassador Taogurr.=/\=

Julius turned side ways in his desk as he personally set up his monitor to be on the edge that way if he needed to lean back he could. The Starfleet symbol that was on the monitor was quickly replaced with the gruff looking face of a Tallarite; in all his time he could never recall actually seeing a handsome or beautiful Tallarite, but he kept those thoughts to himself. "Good Morning Ambassador Taogurr, how can I help you on today?"

"You can help me by explaining why can no one give me a straight answer as to what has happened on the Federation Boarder in regards to a Talarian Warship entering our space and then blowing up!" replied the short Tallartie Ambassador. Juilus almost wanted to chuckle as with each yell he bounced up and down in his chair.

"Forgive me Mr. Ambassador, but what are you talking about?" from the first time in a long time Julius was taken for a loop. Granted he just stepped within this role six days ago, but if there was an incident involving the Talarians and the Federation; the task force would be notified about it.

"I am talking about this!" he yelled hopping up and down in his chair, as he picked up a data padd and showed it to Julius.

"I," he said with a slight chuckle "apologize Mr. Ambassador but I cannot set what you are talking abou..." he was trying to say however the short Ambassador who was hopping mad quickly interrupted him.

"Listen here Admiral...whoever. As the leading Ambassador in the Alpha Quadrant I should have been notified about a possible Diplomatic Incident. Now I have a Talarian Ambassador's office breathing down my neck about the slaughter of over 100 of his people and how the Talarian Empire will not stand for this!"

Julius sat back and listened to the ambassador speak, at one point he folded his hands and placed them on the desk in front of him; unbeknownst to the Ambassador he was twitting his thumbs. It was one of the ways that helped him remain calm in stressful situations, especially when he didn't want anyone to know they were tap dancing on his nerves.

"Like I stated Ambassador Tagourr, I have no idea about an incident that has taken place. Give me sometime to investigate the matter, until then be a diplomat and handle the Talarian Ambassador until I can get some answers myself. Admiral Woodard out.!" he said as he reached forward and closed the channel. The last thing he was going to allow was an ambassador to dictate to him what Starfleet should do; no matter what the Talarians had no real muscle to back up their threats.

He moved over and pressed a couple keys on his console and pulled up the recent operations map for the task force and isolated out TF72 in the Wastelands. It appeared that the Sutherland was heading up an Exploration Task Force in the area, and the latest report was that they were stationed at Starbase 214 nearest to the Talarian boarder.

As he pushed a small comms button on the underside of his desk, he waited a couple of seconds for "Yes Admiral Woodard, how can I help you?"

=/\=Rachel I need you to get a hold of Stategic Operations and see if they could possibly have a report from the USS Sutherland about an incident with a Talarian warship?=/\=

"It's funny that you are asking that Admiral, I have Commodore Greene standing right in front of my desk with a report and a very worried look on his face."

=/\=Send him in, and also contact Admiral Tauvits that I need to meet with him in the next hour. I want to make sure I have everything in order when I talk to him about this.=/\=

"Understood sir, I'm sending in Commodore Greene now, and I will contact Vice Admiral Tauvits office."

The channel went dark and Julius's office doors slid open showing a very worrisome Commodore standing in front of him holding a series of pads. "I hope it isn't that bad Commodore," Julius said as he ushered him in to have a seat at his desk.


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