Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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It's Called the Wastelands for a Reason

Posted on Thu May 23rd, 2019 @ 9:24pm by Rear Admiral Julius Woodard Sr
Edited on on Thu May 23rd, 2019 @ 9:24pm

Mission: Task Force Operations
Location: Office of the Task Force Commanding Officer
Timeline: August 2389

Edward let out a yawn as he slightly stretched his arms, it had been a long day for the seventy two year old man. Much longer days that he was use to putting in when he was retired, that was one of the things that he was going to have to adjust to; one additional thing that Edward had to get use to was a longer adjusting time period. As he was reading the latest report from the docking master, he stomach started grumbling indicating it was time to eat. "I hear you," Edward replied to his stomach as he walked over to his nearby replicator and placed a large order for chicken tetrazzini and a glass of white wine.

Within moments the plate of food and glass of wine appeared and he walked it back over to his desk and sat down, right as he was about to take a bite of his food the all too familiar beeps of an internal communication followed with =/\=Ensign Stevens to Captain Tyson.=/\=

Giving a slight eye roll he tapped his badge "Tyson here, go ahead ensign." His reply was quick as he took a fork full of his food and popped it into his mouth.

=/\=Sorry to disturb you sir but there is an incoming transmission from Starbase 72.=/\= While still chewing he gave a puzzled look as to why he was being contacted from Starbase 72. =/\=Her name is Rear Admiral Edir.=/\=

Picking up his napking his wiped the sauce from around his mouth and quickly took a sip of wine to clear anything else that would disrupt conversation between the two of them, and pushed his tray out the view of the screen on his laptop. "Very well Ensign put her through to my ready room," and a moment later the line was clear and his computer monitor quickly replaced the symbol of the Federation with that of a young admiral. "Good Afternoon Admiral Edir."

"Good afternoon Commander Tyson," Rear Admiral Edir offered with a smile. Over on Starbase 72, the day had been busy to say the least. She'd had a pile of Minos Korvas issues to deal with that had been left hanging since Admiral O'Connell was transferred and, to make things more challenging, she and Commodore Esperson, the task force's Chief of Operations, also had to sort out a slew of ship transfers that they'd laughingly concluded were probably ordered just to keep 72 on their toes. But this call hopefully would tie up at least one of those loose ends. "I trust that you're adjusting well so far to being back in the saddle?"

"Adjustments are easy when your sitting in dry dock, but I still have not gotten use to wake up a set time." Which was true Edward had woken up when he wanted to, once he body had finally adjusted to retirement; and now to get it back into that same rhythm proved a bit more difficult. "Other than that everything is going good. So tell me what prompts this call from you?"

"Straight to business, hmm Commander? I can appreciate that," the Trill admiral said as her tone grew more businesslike. "As you may or may not be aware, the USS Nogura, which was planned to head up the Wastelands Exploratory Task Force, has been reassigned. That leaves us in a bit of a bind, hence my call. With your past experiences and the Sutherland's newly-refitted capabilities, you and your ship are far and above the best option to take up the Nogura's steed."

Edward listened closely to the admiral and all of a sudden a mound of questions popped up into his head. "Well this is certainly a turn of events," he replied as he sat up a bit in his chair. "We go from supply runs and patrol to heading up a task force." Edward's mouth instantly went dry, and he reached for his glass of wine and took a sip, here he thought that he was going to regulated to backwater missions; and now he was being ordered to head up a task force. "I'm not going to lie Admiral this does catch me a bit off guard, but in a good way sir. What was the Nogura's orders?"

"Reassigned for tactical maneuvers. From the Gorn to the Pact, the Sovereign's guns are in high demand," answered Rear Admiral Edir with a hint of longing to be out there on the frontlines herself. "Accompanying you will be the USS Tyche and the USS Odyssey. Meanwhile, the USS Adriatic and the USS Elena will fill in for you around Starbase 214."

"Well, I can see why the Sutherland is being reassigned then." This was a change of events and, if the Nogura was reassigned, that meant the Gorn situation was becoming a little harder to deal with. He had heard rumors, but no doubt they were becoming fact. "What can you tell me about the Wastelands Admiral? Why Starfleet's sudden interest in an area that we abandoned long ago?"

"To be frank, I'm not exactly sure why the interest Commander," replied the admiral truthfully. "Personally, I'd prefer the Sutherland to be reinforcing our borders with the Alrakis Pact and the Cardassians, but Starfleet Command believes it has the resources to do this while still pursuing an agenda of exploration, so here we are." It was clear that the military-minded flag officer wasn't exactly fond of the Wastelands Exploratory Task Force idea. "Rather than look at it as a burden though, I see it as an opportunity. The Inconnu Access Agreement heavily constrains our access to the Inconnu Expanse, and there's no promise that it will even remain in effect in the future. While you're out in the Wastelands, you have an opportunity to chart alternative routes around Talarian and Tzenkethi space - and explore, of course." It was clear where Rear Admiral Edir's priorities lay.

"I see your point of view Admiral," replied Edward as he quickly pulled up the region on a small data padd that was laying on his desk. "Should something happen Starfleet would be able to apply pressure where it needed to be in order to bring the Pact to order; or to persuade them from doing otherwise. I'm use to employing flanking maneuvers, they best work when the enemy isn't expecting them." He then accessed some additional data on the region and pulled up the latest report from Starbase 214 and the sensor readings. "What troubles me the most are these sensor readings from Pact ships in the area. I think the Talarians have always wanted to move into that area of space but with the lack of resources they weren't able too; now with Tzenkethi and Breen ships reinforcing them, they saw a chance to expand. Yet something brought that to a dead stop."

"And it will be the job of you and your unit to figure it out," smiled the Rear Admiral. During Commander Tyson's previous stint in Starfleet, he'd fought in several major wars, including leading a wing during the Dominion War. That experience of his was part of why she'd decided the Sutherland would be the lead ship in the group. If things turned south, they'd be beyond the range where Starfleet could provide reinforcements in a timely manner, and he'd have to improvise on the fly.

"Understood Admiral, the Sutherland will take lead in this. I'll also keep you personally updated about everything we find over there; hopefully while we are cut off from the rest of the Federation things with the Pact stay together." Edward had his fair share of deep space tactical missions, but this one wasn't on a battlefield and yet it was. Who would of thought that his former war time experience would be coming in handy for this particular assignment. With just those orders his confidence was returning, he would finally prove to them that just because he was old he wasn't to be thrown away. "Anything else from me Admiral?"

"Be cautious out there Commander," warned the ever-wary Edir. "It's called the Wastelands for a reason."


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