Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Negotiations (Part 2 of 5)

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 12:27am by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: USS St. John Talbot, Transporter Room
Timeline: May 30, 2389

Soon the Federation delegation were standing in wait in the Talbot’s Transporter Room for the Alrakis Pact leadership to beam across, and they were huddled in a loose queue of Palais and Starfleet personnel. Magnus found himself at the front of the group, hands still glued behind his back, as they prepared for the imminent arrival of their counterparts.

“Ready to beam aboard, sir,” Came the voice of the Transporter Chief, breaking into the silence. “On your word, Admiral.”

“Energize,” King directed.

In the typical swirl of blue lights, the Alrakis Pact delegation began to appear on the transporter pads from one ship at a time. First it was the Breen representative, Thot Senn, flanked by three guards at their side.

The Breen Thot surveyed the room, not moving his head from inside the helmet. His heads-up display told him everything he needed to know about the Federation species spread about the room. Were this not an attempt to dissuade the Pact from their goals, Senn would have almost considered this encounter to be friendly. A garbled melody of electronic tones sounded from his speaker, prompting a wearable translator to decode his speech into monotone patterns into a simple greeting: “Secretary Temple.”

“Thot Senn,” Magnus replied, giving the slightest of bow of his head in the process. Just enough to show respect to the Breen representative without indicating obeisance to him. “We welcome you to the USS St. John Talbot, in this auspicious occasion.”

Once the Breen entourage was clear of the transporter pad, the Talarians came next. They were clad head to toe in in muted earth tones and sullied browns with only the shapes of their golden insignia setting them apart. As a warrior society that still utilized mounted cavalry and rocket-propelled weaponry, the two Talarians at their ambassador’s side were armed with over-sized projectile weapons. The center Talarian, unmasked and smug, stepped forward.

“I am Hadad, ambassador extraordinary and representative to the Talarian Commander-in-Chief.” He bowed to Thot Senn, but for the Federation delegation, he had only a collective nod of acknowledgement. “My aides will accompany me.” It was an imperative statement of fact that brooked no challenge.

There was no question what sort of aid the two men were meant to provide. Their identities were completely obscured due to their black combat helmets and leather gloves, and they did not budge until the tacit order to follow was given. Together the three Talarians descended from the transporter pad and assumed a defensive position near Senn’s entourage.

“Hadad, welcome.” Magnus said, his tone short and formal.

Admiral King bowed, allowing Magnus to take the lead with talks. Per the Secretary of Defense, he was just here to answer any questions from Starfleet’s perspective.

Admiral O’Connell stood in the background, silently watching the event start. From this point on, he would have to remain silent unless he was spoken to. He did, however, catch a stray glance from Thot Senn, whom Zachary had the pleasure of meeting once before. Zachary nodded to the Breen, if only to maintain a friendly atmosphere.

Zachary then caught Lieutenant Kowal’s gaze and gave her a nod, indicating that she should start escorting the arrived dignitaries to the conference room.

Heather gave the Admiral a nod and then motioned to the two Masters-at-Arms she’d brought a long to be inside the room.

Willie saw his bosses nod and he made his way to the door and opened it up. He made sure he was keeping a close eye on the guest bodyguards. Tension was high.

Once the doors were open and the two MAs were in place she walked toward the front of the door and turned to face the room.

“If you would all, kindly, follow me to the conference room the proceedings can begin,” Heather announced.

Thot Senn neither nodded or replied. Instead, he and his entourage simply followed the typical Starfleet goldshirts out of the transporter room.

Following the cue of his Breen colleagues, Ambassador Hadad raised a fist in gesture to his “aides” and led them out of the room as well.

Appearing in the room was an odd feeling for the Wi’u’Kai representatives. Though they were knowledgeable in the science of teleportation, they had yet to develop their own, and it was not a comfortable feeling. Standing at his sides were the 3 others in his party. He stepped forward, identifying to those around that he was in charge here.

“I am jata’Uwe Ekzi Megas, uka’jata’Werwu of the Wi’u’Kai.. You may address me as jata’Uwe, or jata’Uwe Ekzi. This is” he gestured to the Khrenal to his left. “Jata’Uwe Rolova Lontan. The other two are our security detail.”

“We welcome you to the USS St. John Talbot.” Magnus replied, the smile on his face practically painted on. A diplomat was never encouraged to have personal opinions, regardless of the party in front of them, a fact he was trying hard to remember at this time. He knew what the Wi-u-Kai were capable of, why they were nicknamed ‘the Ravagers’. He would have to put that aside for today, in the name of peaceful negotiations. “The representatives from the Breen Confederacy and Talarian Republic have already arrived, if you’d like to follow them through to our conference room.”

The advisor of the president kept herself at the side of Magnus. P’niia was there to advise him and voice the opinion that President Bezar might have on certain topics. But Bezar did state to her that Magnus had the lead in this. So she simply nodded out of respect to the delegates that arrived and passed her

Arriving in the transport of the Federation vessel, even this room as small as it was, it was still chaotic. Stepping down from the platform, the Tzenkethi spoke, the words forced from his mouth.

“Where am I to go?” Ruvan Vik Tov-AA felt uncomfortable being here, but his Autarch demanded his presence here.

“Welcome to the Talbot.” Magnus returned with a smile, ignoring the Tzenkethi’s attempts to be rude, “Please just follow this officer to the conference room where the others are waiting.”

“Very well.” He replied, the very stench of chaos attacking his senses. The stench, however, would soon become more favorable compared to the talks that soon awaited them all.

~To Be Continued in Part 3 of 5~


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