Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Calling It A Night

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 4:00pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Jillian O'Connell

Mission: Settling In
Location: O'Connell's Office & Quarters
Timeline: December 11, 2388, Night

Zachary sighed, bowing his head. An instant later, his eyes were closed as he rubbed his temples. Instead of the expected blackness that normally occurred when one’s sight was obscured, Zach took instant note that the grid lines and faction markers had been burned into his retinas. Surely he hadn’t been staring at the area map for that long…

He’d spent the entire day being briefed by all of the Task Force’s department heads, only to find that he hadn’t known the situation like he thought he did. Cardassia was amassing forces in four locations, ready to fight on two fronts. The Breen were struggling on all borders. The Inconnu Expanse was vomiting Starfleet elements. And that was just the beginning of it. Starfleet’s supply lines were stretched thin, even as they were redeploying the fleet along the borders. He knew this position wasn’t going to be easy, even if his time against the Consortium gave him some preparation for limited resources.

“Computer,” he croaked, finding his throat parched. Zach opened his eyes and picked up a glass of water. “Time.”

“Time is 2300 hours,” replied the computer, her voice unaffected by fatigue or tone.

The admiral sighed again, disappointed that not only had he spent the last six hours staring at that map, but also that no one had come looking for him. He approached the map, specifically the control panel beside the large screen, and tapped a stud to shut it off. It would all be there tomorrow, and now it was time to retire for the evening.

Zachary left the main office, not at all surprised that Warrant Officer Tanika was still at her post. He couldn’t fault her for quickly minimizing the viral videos that were circulating on the personnel feeds, which she’d been watching, waiting for the Admiral to finally call it a night. Zach knew that she could have rescued him hours ago, but the Betazoid knew better. Only Zach could set his boundaries, not her. The Admiral dismissed the Warrant Officer just before leaving the administrative complex himself.

The station was quiet. Corridor lighting had been reduced forty percent, as was customary on Starfleet installations to maintain biological clocks. It was too easy for anyone to lose any sense of regularity on a ship or base. Zachary was then reminded that he’d have to pay a visit to Minos Korva soon, and visit with the personnel down there. Though his focus was on the Task Force as a whole, he liked to know his surroundings in the event that he needed that knowledge. That, and he needed to find a place where he and his wife could have brief getaways. She was supportive, and he knew as soon as their little one was ready, she’d be pressed back into service. They were both Starfleet officers, and she was still on extended maternity leave. It wouldn’t be much to find her an assignment as an Executive Officer or a Captain on one of the ships attached to Starbase 72. It’d keep her and the baby close, and free from being assigned to a deep space mission far away.

Zachary arrived home at last. The quarters were lit more dimly than the corridor. It was enough for him to see that his wife had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for him to return. Their infant son lay on her chest, sleeping just as peacefully as she. Zach lifted the blanket on the back of the couch and used it to cover her and the baby up, smiling as he did so. Part of him wished she would have called him, broken his concentration and forced him home. But he knew she wouldn’t have, knowing it was his first day and he needed every exhausting minute of it.

He removed his belt, jacket and vest, setting them on the floor beside the coffee table. Zach then removed his pips and set them gently on the glass table, trying not to wake the sleeping ones. He pulled at the zipper for the red shirt, opening it from the collar to a couple inches past his shoulders, and removed his shoes. A moment later, he sat in the chair beside the couch, covered under a blanket that had been left out for him. Sleep found him not long after. Tomorrow would be just as intense, and he needed every minute of sleep he could get.


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