Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Ex Finibus Scientia

Posted on Sat Feb 23rd, 2019 @ 8:51am by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Task Force Operations
Location: Subspace Communication
Timeline: 4 JUN 2389, 10:09

Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. began his career in Starfleet as a scientist. The missions he became part of on multiple deep space assignments opened him up to dealing with situations he never imagined. To experience and education he would have never learned in a laboratory or in academia. He eventually moved on to Command College and moving into the role of Executive Officer on a sizable starship. Now here he was aboard Starbase 72, Task Force 72’s Headquarters, about to report to his Task Force Commander in command of his own ship.

“Commander Reeves here to see the Admiral,” Ian said, to the yeoman.

"You're expected," replied Petty Officer Tanika, rising from her desk and heading for the Admiral's office door. The sensors, normally restricting access to unauthorized personnel, were keyed to open for Tanika whenever the Betazoid yeoman approached.

The doors swished apart, revealing the Admiral reviewing a handful of reports at his desk. "Admiral, Commander Reeves as scheduled."

The Admiral looked up to see Tanika and the Commander. "Thank you," he said, gesturing for the Commander to approach. "Welcome to Starbase 72, Commander."

"Thank you sir," the Commander said, he came to attention as he stopped a few steps from the desk. "It is good to finally meet you, sir."

Tanika retreated from the room, allowing the doors to close and the two command officers to be alone. "Does my reputation precede me, Commander?" the Admiral asked, surprised by Reeves' greeting.

"It depends on which one you mean, sir," Ian responded.

"Oh?" the Admiral asked, gesturing for the Commander to have a seat while the flag officer rose to approach the replicator. He added with a smile, "I was not aware that I had a reputation, much less more than the one."

"Maybe it's better it stays that way then," he grinned and took the offered seat.

"Anything to drink, Commander?" Zachary asked, standing next to the replicator.

"Water would be wonderful, sir, thank you," Ian responded. "I have been looking forward to finally meeting you though sir. Being here at Starbase 72 makes things feel like they're coming together."

The Admiral instructed the replicator to produce a glass of water and a cup of Wilkin's Coffee, a strong and dark blend. He returned to the desk and handed the beverage to the Commander. "I'm glad you feel that way, Commander. I'm personally eager to see the Pathfinder in action."

"Same sir," he said, raising the glass of water a bit before taking a sip. "I am very proud to have the second of her class. Still brand new but got all the bugs out of it."

"Hopefully, that is," Zachary said, sitting in the chair beside the Commander. "Prior to donning red, I spent many years as an engineer. I can't tell you how many things yard engineers claimed they fixed when in reality, it was just a paint job."

"Well, my Chief Engineer seems to be well on the ball. I'm sure if something comes up she'll know long before it's an issue."

"Excellent," Zachary noted. He picked up a padd and handed the device over to the Commander. "These are some updated standing orders, along with current briefs on several situations you may find yourself in. Any questions about your upcoming mission?"

"The Pioneer has not recieved any orders that I'm aware of, sir," he said, feeling like an idiot. "We've just completed our shakedown and our Engineering Department is still ironing out the bugs with the Starbase Engineering teams... but it should only be a day or two before we can depart," his expression showed his immediate concern of missing something.

Zachary took a sip of his coffee before lowering the ceramic mug into this other hand which acted as a saucer of sorts. "Well, the Pathfinder is rather new, and I know Commodore Espersen, TF Chief of Ops, wants to make sure such assets are committed to Starfleet's core ideals and not added to the numbers on the front lines. To that end, I think it's something to do in a nebula. Forgive me for being sketchy on the subject, but I for one am quite eager to see what the Pioneer is capable."

The Admiral took another sip of his coffee before adding, "Using the Pioneer to pioneer the class. Someone in registration seems to have a dry sense of humor."

"I like when the namesake fits the class, sir," he shrugged.

"Quite fitting indeed," confirmed Zachary. "Well, I look forward to your first mission, as well as the shakedown reports. It's been several years since I personally picked up a hyperspanner, but it won't stop me from living vicariously through your engineers."

"I will be sure to have them forwarded to you, sir," Ian said, with a chuckle. "We will get the ship online and ready for our first orders as soon as possible."

"Excellent." The Admiral took another sip of his coffee. He had no plans to finish the cup as of yet. There was still much for him to do over the next hour, and nursing the cup for sustainable energy was preferable to a short burst. "Do you have any questions for me, Commander?"

"None at this time sir," the Commander said, standing. "If there's nothing else?" He extended his hand to shake the Admiral's.


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