Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Vidal to be Vital

Posted on Fri Dec 7th, 2018 @ 3:44pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Task Force Operations
Location: Ready Room, Vidal Fleet Yards & Admiral's Office, Starbase 72
Timeline: June, 2389

Wesley leaned over the desk inside of his office while reviewing the half dozen requests for docking that had already come through. "I need an Exec," He thought to himself with a laugh.

The door opened and in walked Chief Petty Officer Trisha Richards, "Sir?" She said with a PADD in her hand, "Sorry to disturb you, but we need to talk..."

He was really regretting the open door policy that he put into place for his Yeoman, "Is..." He hesitated, "Is that another request for repairs?" Wes said heavily.

Trisha's face went bright pink, "No sir," She let an embarrassed laugh, "This is a letter to my fiancée." She quickly recovered, "No Admiral O'Connell wanted you to contact him on subspace as soon as you were able."

She managed a grin, "You asked me to remind you yesterday and I got busy. I apologize..." Her voice trailed away.

"Oh," Wes felt his own cheeks as they burned, "Well, tell Ryan I said hello Chief." He nodded, "Thanks for the reminder as well. I'll get right on that."

"Computer," Wesley began, "Open a subspace channel to Starbase Seventy Two."

A moment later, the screen flashed, revealing an Andorian Warrant Officer. "Starbase 72 dispatch," announced the operator.

"Hello, I'm Captain Wesley Holtz the new Commander for Vidal Fleet Yards. Admiral O'Connell requested that I reach out to him as soon as I took command of the new Fleet Yards..?"

"One moment," replied the Warrant Officer who immediately placed the Captain on hold. The Starfleet logo lingered for a few moments as the call was rerouted to the Admiral's office and placed into a pending queue. After more than a minute, the logo disappeared, replaced with the moving image of Admiral Zachary O'Connell. "Captain Holtz, congratulations on your new command."

Wes nodded, "Thank you Admiral. We've already received more than a few requests for docking. I'm probably going to have one of the assigned junior officers take over docking requests. What is the present situation in this section of the galaxy... So that we may begin providing some assistance when the station is fully operational?"

Zachary glanced over at the wall where Vidal had been highlighted for him. "You're in close proximity to the Tzenkethi and the Carnwennan Corridor," he remarked. Almost close enough to have a front row seat to the Alrakis Pact. You might have to host a few colonists who are being displaced along the border, and supply a few on their way to the Talarian border. Then there's assisting with rolling out slipstream throughout the fleet. Let's just say... life won't be boring."

From his end Wesley looked at the display console on the bulkhead, "Computer display regional map," A beep could be heard just before the map appeared. Wes nodded as he returned his gaze back onto the Admiral.

"What's the present situation with the Alrakis Pact? We haven't received our garrison vessels yet... Should I be anticipating attack?"

Zachary shook his head, denying such thoughts. "You're far enough away to not have to worry about conflict, but close enough to keep your guard regarding espionage and sabotage. As a shipyard, you'll be privy to classified schematics and such. Those will fetch a high price on the black market, especially if the Pact is buying."

"Once our Chief Security Officer arrives I'll inform them to keep an eye out for such things," Wesley offered, "Is there anything else that I should watch out for Admiral?"

"Nothing besides the usual." The Admiral paused for a moment. "I'm sure there will be a lot of pressure on you from the Task Force, especially my Chief of Operations, to get ships built and launched in fast order. We're stretched very thin, and even just one ship makes all of the difference."

Wes nodded slowly, "We'll make sure to not disappoint. Once we get the personnel that are assigned shipbuilding will begin we've already started receiving building requests from Starfleet Command."

"Excellent." Zachary smiled. "All I can ask is that you keep me abreast of your progress. Any final questions?"

Wesley grinned and shook his head rather swiftly, "I don't have any Admiral... Questions that is." He followed that up with another quick nod, "I will make sure that you are kept well informed of all happenings here aboard the station."

The Admiral nodded. "Thank you, Captain. Good luck out there." With a final nod, the screen went blank, replaced with the Task Force logo and the words End Transmission.

Wesley seen the screen return to the Task Force logo and nodded to himself. He didn't really have time to relax though, because during the conversation several new requests for repair work had come in. And, so Wesley jumped right in.


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