Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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The Wells Fell Down Timey-Wimey

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Mission: Task Force Operations
Location: Office of Special Investigations, Starbase 72
Timeline: April, 2389

Running a task force was hard work. Even though he wasn't TF 72's commanding officer, Gareth headed up enough special projects that he may as well have been crowned emperor of his little bureaucratic empire. Of all his years of cross-training and interdepartmental assignments -- R&D, Strategic Operations, Command -- his first love was always Science. It was without apology, then, that he took special favor in the projects and assignments in the Office of Special Investigations. The commonplace name masked an intricate web of cutting edge, sometimes borderline illegal scientific discoveries, intelligence & reconnaissance regarding other off-the-books among foreign powers, and generally anything else that Starfleet Science didn't want published in its quarterly journals.

Indeed, sometimes the better part of his day was when he perused the open project reports for progress updates. There was always the off chance of a negative report which would require damage control or other drastic action. Or, Heavens forbid, a meeting.

Memory Theta and Project Longjump seemed to be silent, though Gareth knew only to expect a report if something truly went awry. Project Inari had a tick next to its directory. A brief gander showed that the Mission Advisor had reached out to SFI's Oversight officer to request an intel packet regarding a planetoid in the Trill sector -- the Mission Advisor was indicated as a moderate safety risk. Gareth made a note to have his adjutant follow up with that.

Gareth nearly closed out the database when a new entry literally popped into view in front of him. That... was unexpected. At that moment somebody had literally granted him permission to view a classified file. Curious, Gareth opened it.


"Heh." Gareth's stony face cracked a smile at that. Apparently the DTI wanted him read in to something important. The file contained precious few details -- a Diligent-class vessel attached to TF 72 registered as the USS H.G. Wells, a joint Starfleet-DTI mission regarding something called the Circle of Eternity, and a singular status update: The Wells had overshot its target year by a wide margin. So wide, evidently, they did not in fact know where the Diligent-class was. Or, rather, when.

Gareth was unfamiliar with the DTI's internal jargon, but the meaning was clear enough. Their analysts were scrambling to determine what temporal changes may be in effect, if indeed any had occurred, and what retroactive countermeasures may be implemented.

Few things triggered a nascent migraine like temporal mechanics. To arrogantly confine paradoxes, determinism, and quantum engineering to a trite name only perpetuated the ineffable study of something the Federation was only beginning to understand.

"Angie," Gareth said into his desktop communicator. "Cancel my 1300 appointment. And get DTI on the line. I trust they're expecting a transmission from me right about now..."


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