Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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In the Darkest Night

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Mission: Task Force Operations
Location: Starbase 72 - Office of Special Investigations
Timeline: February 10, 2389

Gareth sat as his desk in perusal of the latest reports to come in from his classified division. The debacle at Bynaus could have been handled better by the field team from Memory Theta, but subsequent review determined that it could have ended worse. Much worse. And now the new administrator wished to express regrets for not cracking the source code retrieved from the terrorists?

It simply would not do. Gareth cleared his throat before speaking. "Computer, prepare recorded transmission."

The computer warbled its compliance.

"Begin." Gareth rolled his neck in futility against the crick in it. "Commander ben-Avram, when I read this month's progress report regarding the Black Nagus virus quarantined in the Bynaus master network, I became every manner of displeased. I'm sure that I need not remind you of the vital necessity of this project's completion, but I will do it again: We require the source code's eradication for Federation security interests, but also to continue the investigation into Commodore Hightower's recent incarnation of Section 31 as well as his collusion with the Black Nagus organization."

He folded his hands in front of him, effecting what imagined as an imposing picture. "Put all available resources on this project. I expect a different report this time next month, or other arrangements will be made. End transmission."

With that out of the way, Gareth prepared to move on down his list. However, with Memory Theta currently pulled up on his screen, he noted a flashing light which indicated another Theta alert. On selecting the notification, the designation MT-4404 lit up across his screen in bold text.

"What in the world?" Gareth muttered aloud, curious. Opening the file, he browsed it idly until he reached the field reports. His curiosity soon turned to horror as he realized that another outbreak had been detected.

Perhaps it was a good thing that Memory Theta was splitting their focus...


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