Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Mission: Task Force Operations
Location: USS Eureka - Conference Room
Timeline: Current

Stepping into the conference room as Isaac took a deep breath and walked towards the control panel and tapped onto it. The windows got blacked from the outside as the doors locked [Soundproof on, windows covered, connected secured. Contacting Starbase 72, Admiral O'Connell office]. Taking a deep breath as Isaac took a step back and leans on the table looking at the area where the Admiral hologram would appear.

A bit of static crinkled through the audio speakers as the holopresence system was activated, stitching together the form of on Admiral Zachary O'Connell. Conversely, on the Admiral's end, a projection of the Commander was created in his office. "Commander Hayes," greeted the Admiral.

"Admiral O'Connell, congrats on your recent promotion" Isaac stated trying to keep the state affairs cheerful until he brought down the hammer of negative news. He stood at attention before the new Admiral and waited formally for his response.

The Admiral's expression remained unchained. Something so pleasant didn't require a secure transmission, nor did it need to be so immediate. "You know, Commander, using secure channels for pleasantries isn't exactly standard procedure."

He signs a bit and nodded towards the Admiral "Your observation is spot on. I have contacted you in regards of the news regarding Team 14" Isaac shrugs "At 1700 pm we have failed our third attempt to reach out towards Team 14 and as protocol states. They are marked as MIA, follow up procedure is to contact high command in regards of further actions"

Zachary's week had been hell. First, Intelligence had missed the creation of something that now called itself the Alrakis Pact, and now, a critical specialist team was lost in the Expanse. "You... lost... a Starfleet Corps of Engineering specialist team?"

"Well... I..." Isaac shrugs as he puts his hand behind his head trying to figure out how to put it "...I did. But I can possibly send a vessel towards the last known location of both USS York and Team 14 investigation location. They just arrived there if my team calculations are right"

"What vessels do you have at your disposal, Commander?" Zachary asked, his tone cold. "Or is there a reason why you can't take your own ship?"

Isaac shrugs as he taps on his side "I only got the Mizar sir" The Raven class vessel pops up at his side "It's tagging still the bodies, we are waiting for the medical support" Isaac looked a bit concerned "However, there are... border activities from the north and south of us. The Mizar can go and check up, a simple mission I presume. I can even go myself, but something is wrong here sir, I can't put my finger on it"

The Admiral sighed, unsure of how to deal with this. "The Inconnu Expanse has just been turned upside down, Commander. The Breen and Tzenkethi are working together, and they don't want us in the Expanse. I don't care what you do, but you find Team 14 and you don't let them out of your sight."

"But Admiral, not to be pain...we don't exactly know where they are so ...I already lost them out of sight?" Isaac hated to admit it and the new news about the working together did not feel him at ease "It does explain the recent cloak detection..." He mutters to himself, not realizing that the Admiral heard him.

"Cloaks?" Zachary nearly roared. "There's cloaking devices in the Expanse?" Anger boiled in his blood. Each day there was a new revelation, each one worse than the day before. Sooner or later Starfleet Command was going to accuse the Task Force Command of negligence when they truthfully lacked eyes and ears in the field. One could not predict what one could not see.

Looking at the angry Admiral, Isaac had no idea he was speaking out loud "Ye...Yes, sir. There was at the investigation of DS7, an attack on the team within the ruins. They are professionals and when recovering the bodies, we had seriously no idea what we are dealing here. But upon trying to investigate the bodies, they incinerated..." Leaning a bit backward "As for the cloak, Genesis tried to catch it and even our ship tried. But it was gone before we knew it. The strange thing is...the readings. They were Romulan sir. Why would they Romulans be here?" Isaac knew that there was more going on in the expanse and its mystery became even unclear with the second.

"I fear that if we also go to the Wau system, you will lose another vessel Admiral" Isaac shrugs "But if you insist, I will go personally sir"

Zachary maintained his frown, finding himself both disappointed and conflicted by this conversation. An SCE team was missing, Romulans were rumored to be in the Expanse, and who knew what was really happening. As much as he didn't want to lose the SCE team, he couldn't afford to lose any more. "As soon as the Eureka and Mizra have finished, scuttle the wreckage and get out of there."

Letting that sink in, Isaac knew that was the right call for this. But still, Kathryn was still out there and it did not sit right for him "Yes sir, we shall conclude the information and gathering here and return towards Starbase 72. I....will record Team 14 and USS York as missing in action"

Having watched the Consortium tear Task Force 9 apart, Zachary knew that acknowledging the death of personnel or even the loss of any material was always difficult and did not get easier with time. It was just the unfortunate side effect of service in Starfleet. "Very well, Commander. Is there anything else?"

"No sir" Isaac replied, he did not want to uphold the Admiral anymore than was required. He gave a firm nod towards him as the Admiral disappears. Standing there for a few seconds as he slams his fist onto the table with a furious yell "Damn ....damn it Kathryn, you better be alive" He said as Isaac taps his commbadge "Hayes to Bridge, inform the Mizra that when they are done, we will be heading towards Starbase 72 asap" He did not wait for a confirmation and closed the channel.


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