Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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A New Partnership

Posted on Sun Jul 1st, 2018 @ 12:11pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Captain Anjad Terax
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Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: Alrakis Station
Timeline: March 2, 2389

To the Federation, Thot Senn’s clandestine mission to Starbase 72 was a total failure. Not only did he refuse the offered humanitarian aid, which everyone in the Confederacy knew the Federation would provide at the drop of a hat, the Federation also denied any assistance other than utilizing diplomatic channels to get the Cardassians to return two systems, which the pale spoonheads had already fortified and would only be allowed to be pried out of their cold, dead fingers.

Yet, that was the anticipated response. Since the Dominion War, the Federation had bested the Breen at every turn, the most horrific of which was aiding the cybernetic Lagashi and creating a wall during the Valorian Crisis. Why would the Federation help the only power in the Alpha Quadrant to successfully attack their capital planet? The entire meeting was a ruse, to distract the Federation from watching the fringe of its sensor range, which Deep Space 7’s elimination made possible. Though this meeting was secret, its results would not be.

Thot Senn stood now in the airlock, waiting for the transport to dock with the new station constructed deep in what the Federation called the Inconnu Expanse. The Alrakis system was fantastic, rich with resources, all of which would soon be available to the Breen. The Ravagers, the Wi’u’Kai as they called themselves, had allowed the Breen to build this station in orbit in good faith. Many slaves had faithfully given all they had to the creation of this facility, including some Federation war criminals whom they’d already led the mighty power to believe had died long ago. It was a noble anecdote, building a station literally with the blood of their enemies, especially without firing a shot.

Several loud clicks and thunks could be heard on the other side of the airlock. A moment later, four sets of clunky doors opened, revealing Thot Grez, who’d spent the last few months travelling to other powers, laying the groundwork for today.

Both Thots exchanged a greeting. Grez then turned and headed into the base; Senn followed without hesitation, summarizing his journey for Grez as they walked. A mechanical grunt from Grez declared his approval. “If we ever needed proof that the Federation is self-serving, we have it now. They are interested only in what benefits them.”

“Agreed,” verbalized Senn.

“Come,” Grez said, ushering Senn into a nearby chamber where others waited for them. A single round table sat in the middle of the room; its ten seats unclaimed. Off by the viewport were Tzenkethi group, three guards, each one with their hands on a phaser, who surrounded the newest Autarch, Larquenten Rej Tov-AA and two others.. Across the room were five Talarians, armored and ready for conflict. In the center of them was Captain Endar, who’d seen the Federation at their best when they’d attempted to steal his adopted son Jono. In the far corner was a collection of Wi’u’Kai, known to the Federation only as The Ravagers. In front of that group was their leader, raju’Pa’Uwe Tiatha Sonnilo.

She stepped forward. raju’Pa’Uwe Sonnilo stepped forward, her pink skin slightly glistening in the light of the room. She took a few more steps to towards the table, nodding to each of the groups present. She called her assistant, ju’Pa’Iggo Venmora forward, and whispered in his ear. “Are you still as happy as you where when I asked you to accompany me?” She asked, with the hint of a smile on her face. His face, on the other hand showed a smile, with a hint of irritation.

“Of course raju’Pa’Uwe. I wouldn't have missed even on mandatory respite. I would have travelled here even without my pa’Ete authorisation.”

“I am sure,” she replied. “I doubt you would have seen many Tzenkethi or Breen in the halls of the jata’Keshtu, not from our offices at least. I am still unsure why they asked me to this meeting. Even after reading the files from the esh’Wara jata’Zhe, I am still no wiser on what exactly my role here is. Let us wait and see what happens.” With a curt nod to her underling, he understood that the time for idle conversation was over.

Representing the Talarian Empire, Captain Endar and his three associates stood in silence, quietly monitoring everyone in the room. The Breen they’d expected to see, especially since it was they who’d invited a delegation from the Talarian Empire. Talarians liked to keep to themselves, taking what they could via surprise and strategy, whether it be Tzenkethi or Ravager or Federation. He’d craftily fought different species in this room and won, but it was still not enough for the Empire as each victory had been of little value. If nothing else, this meeting would prove valuable in terms of information, but Endar knew something greater would come from today.

Autarch Larquenten Rej Tov-AA stepped forward. He was joined by her speaker Ruvan Vik Tov-AA and his military leader, and replacement when he took the position of Autarch, Emal Siv Kre-AA. The Autarch stepped forward, releasing that everyone who the Breen had invited were here. Revan spoke first.

“My Rej, we appear to be the final ones here.” Ruvan Vik-Tov-AA was the highest ranking speaker of the Autarch, and would likely do most of the speaking here. Given that the Autarch had already briefed him on almost every eventuality he could think of, he was more than equipped for the job.

The Autarch stepped forward. Knowing that the races here probably knew as much about the Tzenkethi as the Federation, which wasn't much, there was an air of mystery surrounding the Tzenkethi group. “Let us begin” he said simply, and yet elegantly, directing his attention to Thot Grez.

Grez pressed a button concealed in his right glove to activate a translator inserted into his mask. “Honored guests,” he greeted. “This is Thot Senn,” he introduced with a wave of his hand to the Breen official standing to his left. “He has just returned from a meeting with the Federation. Again, they have demonstrated to us that they are only interested in serving their needs and fueling their expansion. They’ve demonstrated this with the Raeyan Transit Corridor between the Klingon and Romulan Empires, and now they’ve secured the Gavarian Corridor once again between the Cardassians and Romulans. We’ve seen their ships in the Expanse, where many of us call home, slipping between the Breen, Tzenkethi and Talarian Empires. Soon we will be surrounded by this Federation.”

The Wi’u’Kai representative, Tiatha Sonnilo, looked to Thot Grez. For someone who looked as young and delicate as she did, the fire in her eyes could have melted an ice planet. “Let us not forget that the Wi’u’Kai have been here for thousands of years. Long before your empires. We might not be as large as the Breen, or Tzenkethi, but we have survived more in the Expanse than you have yet to experience.” She noticed for a fraction of a second, a smile flashed across the face of her aide, Orym Venmora, before his diplomatic face returned, neutral and impartial. She doubted anyone else in the room even noticed.

The idea of being surrounded did not sit well with Captain Endar. Despite strong opposition, his son, Jono, recently promoted to a Captaincy of his own, had reached out to the Federation for some sort of officer exchange program. Many saw it as the beginning of the end for their culture. Captain Endar saw it as a chance to learn what they could not from battling the Federation. And, in spite of all that they had gleaned from the program, Endar noticed how soft it had made those who participated. The Empire needed strength, and being surrounded by the Federation only meant that the Empire would disappear over time, like a river eroding a cliff. “The Talarian Empire will not and cannot allow the Federation to encompass our borders,” he declared to the group, speaking for the first time.

Larquenten looked to the Breen. “The Federation is nothing but chaotic. How they function with so many… lesser species...” He glanced over to the Wi’u’Kai representatives momentarily. This glance was not missed by anyone around the table.

Sonillo’s anger was evident from the flushed colour of her face. “Need I remind everyone around this table that this lesser species was the one who built a fully functioning station 5 rotations from the nearest inhabited planet, in less than 3 months. We had many perish during the building of this station and I don't recall seeing any Tzenkethi doing anything towards that end.” The way she emphasized the word Tzenkethi was clearly as an insult.

Larquenten could see the other delegates observing what he was doing. What he did next would make all the difference. “I… apologise to the representative of the Wi’u’Kai, no disrespect was intended to the members around this table. We are, after all, friends… are we not? We all share a mutual...contempt for the Federation.”

Sonillo, as well as everyone else around the table were all to aware that the careful selection of words spoken by the Autarch, were chosen very specifically. She also did not believe his apology. This would be reported to the du’Jata. “Very well.” She also replied carefully making it clear that the apology while received, was not accepted. Abruptly turning to Thot Grez. “What exactly are you proposing Thot Grez. The entire militaries of everyone on this table are simply not strong enough to defeat the Federation.”

Grez nodded, having watched the banter between the Wi’u’Kai and the Tzenkethi. The Breen had long harvested the Wi’u’Kai for their own purposes, especially since their strong features always brought a profit in their slave trade. Lately, the Confederacy viewed these commonly known ‘Ravagers’ not so much as allies, but instruments of change. Rather than spend the energy to conquer the species, manipulating them to perform heavy lifting or do the dirty work, such as eliminating the Federation outpost constructed in the middle of the Expanse.

“Individually, we are indeed not strong enough to defeat the Federation,” Grez confirmed. “Nor can any of us afford to war against them, not while the Klingons would come to their aid, or even the Romulans. But, collectively… Collectively, we can create a wall that the Federation cannot cross. No more of their ships passing ours by in open territory. No more of their ships sneaking past our borders, claiming they come in peace. No. More.”

The Autarch sat there, contemplating what had just been said. It did have it's advantages. “This agreement would acceptable for the Tzenkethi Coalition.” For now he thought to himself.

Sonillo spoke next. “This would give us an advantage over the Federation. And if it keeps them away from our beju, our home, then I see the du’Jata having no problems with it.”

Endar was the last to speak this time. Before he did, he weighed the advantages against the negatives. For the first time, the Empire would rally with its enemies against a larger threat rather than stand on its own. But, it would complicate other matters, other stings already set up against their neighbors. He could only hope an alliance would truly bring out their best, and not make matters along their borders worse. “The Talarians would accept such an accord.”

“Then we are agreed,” stated Grez as a subordinate stepped up to a table to set down a large tablet which displayed four columns of text, each one in the common language of each faction. “By signing this pact, our governments agree to enter an accord, to defend each other against Federation expansion, and to keep the Federation from trying to circle around us.” To demonstrate his own resolve, Grez stepped forward. He’d worn a special glove just for this occasion, peeling back a small piece of cloth on his thumb to affix his thumbprint to the document without having to expose his entire hand and reveal what his suit had done so well to hide.

Sonillo glanced over to companion who looked to her companion, and nodded, pulling out a portable computer panel. She looked to the head of the table as she rose. “I shall have to confer with the du’Jata. I shall return momentarily.” She took the panel from Venmora and headed to the door she had entered from.

Larquenten took this moment to also confer with his companions. Though he could make such a decision unilaterally he needed to keep them on his side. He was all too familiar with how he gained power, and wanted to remain in power.

A few moments passed, and Larquenten stood up walking towards Thot Grez, before placing what resembled a thumb onto the panel. “We shall finally see an end to the chaos of the Federation.

Sonillo walked back into the room, heading for the tablet. She stopped short of putting her thumb on it, and spoke to Thot Grez. “I have been authorised by du'Jata'Iggo Girgu to sign this document and join you, on behalf of the Wi’u’Kai.” She placed her thumb on the tablet, formally entering into the agreement.

Captain Endar had been standing quietly watching all of the parties in the room. He’d fought Tzenkethi before and knew them to be ruthless. To see their own willingness to join such a cause with species not their own only demonstrated to him how critical this moment was. Talarians ruled by strength, even though their strength was not enough to outmatch any power. For his people, this was a chance at survival, otherwise their cause was for nought. That was why, at his turn, he circled the room to affix his own thumbprint to the pact.

Under his mask, Grez smiled. “Today, we have matched the Federation and anyone else who dare encroach our territory. Welcome to the Alrakis Pact.”


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