Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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First Briefing

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 3:58pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Commander Ombretta Del Carlo & Commander Ebhyl ch'Rhalos

Mission: Settling In
Location: Starbase 72
Timeline: December 11, 2388

Zach was never one to sit. Even when he commanded the USS O’Carroll, he was known to pace before the command chair, and often “lap” the bridge, keeping an eye on his bridge officers. It was a practice he planned to keep in these meetings, but for now he stood still, staring at a map of the Breen and Cardassian borders. Not long ago, the Cardassian Union dashed across the border. In a short time, they claimed six systems from the Breen, five of which were originally under the Cardassian flag before the Dominion War. The Breen had tried to repeal this invasion, but had suffered defeat at every turn.

“We know,” said the Andorian Commander ch’Rhalos, “that there are three more systems that used to belong to Cardassia.” Ebyhl stepped up to the viewscreen and tapped on those three systems. “Ghlempok, Tribolis, and Zendaru.” As the Andorian tapped, indicator outlines were placed around those planets. “The Breen have dedicated a fleet to each planet’s defenses.”

“They’ve already lost at least one to the Cardassians,” remarked Zachary, his eyes studying every detail of the map. “And that’s not counting the losses they suffered during the Breen Crisis.”

Commander Del Carlo, still sitting at the table, moaned at the very mention of the series of battles that the Federation endured just a few short years ago. “Whoever comes up with these terrible names should be shot,” she muttered.

“Hmm?” Zachary asked, glancing over to the Italian woman.

“The Breen Crisis,” she repeated, leaning back in her chair. “In 2385, the Valoris Nebula decided that it needed to rotate. The gravitational waves caused several star systems to change positions, placing Breen worlds across the Federation border, and Federation worlds across the Breen. Not wanting to lose their holdings, the Breen tried to claim the entire sector.” Looking directly at Admiral O’Connell, she added, “They failed.”

“And those systems?” O’Connell asked.

“Those that were Federation and Breen are still Federation and Breen,” Ombretta stated. “We’ve agreed to allow supply lines, and so have they. But, it’s such a grand name for a small annoyance.” She nodded at the view screen. “Especially since the Cardassians are making expert work at reclaiming their territory.”

Zach couldn’t help but agree with her observation. Turning back to the viewscreen, he openly asked, “What about the Cardassians? I suppose they’re already making preparations.”

Ebyhl, the Task Force’s Chief of Intelligence, nodded. “The Second and Fifth Orders have already regrouped, and the First and Eighth Orders are already consolidating near Ketlis and Torman. I estimate they’ll push ahead before we enter 2389.”

The Admiral agreed with that prediction as well. There was nothing he could do about the situation, other than sit and watch. Unlike his bouts with the Consortium, this was undeniably frustrating as he was totally helpless. “Make sure our eyes and ears in the field keep on the lookout for new intel,” he droned, knowing that this was already happening. He already made a note of asking his Efrosian Diplomat to see what he could pick up through the diplomatic channels. “All right,” he said at last, having his fill of the Cardassian/Breen Border. “Let’s move on to the Gavarian Corridor.”

Commander ch’Rhalos nodded, turning to the viewscreen to call up the new map. Behnd them all, the doors opened, bidding entrance to a Trill Lieutenant. Zach glanced over to the brunette as she crossed the room, handed Commander ch’Ralos a PADD, and then left. The Andorian’s eyes remained fixed on it, forgetting about the viewscreen for the moment.

It didn’t take a Betazoid to know something was wrong. In fact, it prompted Commander Del Carlo to finally rise from her chair and join the two men by the viewscreen.

“We have confirmation,” Ebyhl said softly. “Deep Space Seven has been destroyed.” He looked up and handed the PADD to Admiral O’Connell from him to view. “The USS Manila picked it all up on long-range sensors.”

“Damn,” muttered Ombretta, looking over the Admiral’s shoulders. DS7 had been strategically placed in the Inconnu Expanse, to serve as a hub for the expeditionary vessels. Its destruction certainly gave the Task Force much more to concern itself about.

“Commander Del Carlo,” Zach said, handing the PADD back to the Andorian. “Coordinate with Commodore Espersen and redeploy Task Groups 72-C through E along the border to the Inconnu Expanse. Make sure the heavy hitters are on standby to assist any of our ships in the Expanse.”

“Should we withdraw our ships?” Del Carlo asked.

“Certainly not!” Zach replied. “The Federation has faced many dangers before, all of which probably worse than what awaits in the Expanse.” To the Andorian Intelligence Chief, he added, “Get me everything you can on these... Ravagers. Dismissed.”


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