Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Arrival to the Starbase

Posted on Sun Aug 5th, 2018 @ 9:55pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: USS Cairo/Starbase 72
Timeline: March 10, 2389

Leah was sitting in her ready room as the ship made their way to the Starbase to bring the prisoner as well as new information that was found out in the completion of the Ponzi Scheme mission. She could have just contacted the Admiral over the comm channel but she thought it is better to do it in person with the prisoner.

Just then her combadge chirped, "Sir we have arrived at the Starbase, dropping out of warp." Her flight control officer replied. Leah nodded and headed out onto the bridge. "T'Pai open a channel to the Starbase," Leah stated and T'Pai nodded. "Channel open sir," She replied.

"USS Cairo to Starbase 72, requesting permission to dock as well as an urgent meeting with the Admiral," Leah stated as she waited for a response.

There was a few seconds of delay as the starbase had no record of a USS Cairo en route to Starbase 72. It was, however, not totally uncommon for such an act, and the dockmaster always kept a few births open for sudden arrivals. "USS Cairo, you are cleared to dock at port twelve alpha. Admiral O'Connell's office has been notified of your arrival."

"Thank you," Leah replied then the USS Cairo began docking procedures and eased into port twelve alpha. Once the Cairo had docked and was cleared Leah had the prisoner meet them at the docking port to head to the Admiral's office.

After a while passed they had all arrived at Operations and headed straight for the Admirals office where she hit the chime and waited.

The doors parted, revealing the Admiral who seemed to be buried in paperwork. He'd made no attempt to hide any of it when he heard the General had arrived unexpectedly. He did, however, rise at her entry and crossed the room to meet her. "General Katana. Welcome to Starbase 72."

"Thank you, Admiral, you can just call me Leah," Leah said with a smile but then turned a bit serious as she looked at him. "I am sorry to drop in like this unannounced but we found out some valuable information that I thought would be better talked about in person," Leah stated as she looked at him then at the Ferengi prisoner.

The Admiral noted her Ferengi companion and found himself even more thankful that he'd stepped away from the desk. He did, however, wish he'd picked a different location. "What have we here?" he asked, his eyes narrowed in frustration.

"Oh this is Torak he was apart of the ponzie scheme on Risa, but as soon as we took him into custody he began spilling his little guts about some information that I thought you would like to know," Leah stated as she glared at Torak who seemed nervous.

The Admiral arched his left eyebrow at the mention of a ponzi scheme. It sounded like an atypical Ferengi move as such methods required massive influx of new members in order to pay off the older ones. Still, he turned his full attention to the Ferengi to hear what Torak had to say.

"I....uh...." He started then looked at the look Leah was giving him to continue. "Sir, it's like some of the Ferengi have been giving supplies as well as some help to build a new base in the Inconnu Expanse that is for the new Alrakis Pact. I swore I have nothing to do with that part, I just know of it." He begged as she didn't want to be charged for that role. "I have seen the base, it's not too far from where DS7 was destroyed," Torak added to the conversation.

The Ferengi were not part of the Federation, so he had no right to place charges for supplying a foreign power. Did it make the Ferengi Alliance less trustworthy? Sure. Zachary, however, was familiar enough with a couple Rules of Acquisition, including war was good for profit.

But what caught his attention was the mention of Deep Space Seven. It seemed the mystery of its destruction just kept getting deeper and deeper. "And you offer this information freely?" the Admiral asked. "Why? What's the profit in it for you?"

He looked at the Admiral, "I don't want anything other then my safety, I also seek an asylum, If they found out I said anything I am good as dead." Torak stated almost in fear just thinking of it.

Leah raised an eyebrow as she looked at Torak and then the Admiral, never had a Ferengi request such a thing.

There still had to be something more to this story, or so the Admiral thought. "I don't suppose there's any more than just your word on this? Sensor data? Computer records?"

He reached into his pocket and handed the Admiral a computer chip containing such records. He looked at him nervously, "your full of surprises Torak." Leah said as she raised an eyebrow at what he had in his pocket.

Zachary accepted the chip and performed a quick physical examination. Seeing no faults with it, Zachary reached over to his desk and pressed a button. His yeoman entered the room a moment later and approached the admiral, giving no mind to the other occupants. "Take this to Commander ch'Rhalos. Have him authenticate it and its contents."

She looked back at the Admiral, "What do you want me to do with him?" She asked looking at Torak who just nervously looked at both not wanting to go back.

"We'll have to validate the data," Zachary simply said. After all, since news had broke about the pact, rumors and false information had assaulted their intelligence department. Everything had to be verified. "In the meantime, Mister Torak is free to browse the station."

She looked at him almost in confusion, but would ask that question in a moment she turned to the two security guards right outside of the door. "Torak, don't try to excape." Leah said sturnly as she turned to her security guards "keep an eye on him," Leah ordered as they nodded.

Turning back to the Admiral as they let, "Requesting permission to remain at SB72 for some R&R." She asked.

"Granted," Zachary said, returning to his desk. He feigned a sigh, still shocked that the Ferengi hadn't asked for anything besides asylum. He'd never known a Ferengi to put his life above profit. Whatever his motives, they surely were serious, but Zachary had to have it verified. The last thing he wanted was to do was be burned by a Ferengi looking to make a slip even on a bet he didn't know about.

She nodded, "oh another thing what is this Pact you spoke of? I haven't heard the latest news." Leah asked looking at the Admiral in a bit of confusion.

The Admiral looked the general with genuine surprise. "Where've you been, General? Living under a rock?"

She sighed for a moment, "apparently...." Leah said then looked at the Admiral, "I was busy dealing with the Ferengi issue that I wasn't aware of any pact sir." Leah said as she would have to get on her Operations Officer not patching things through to her.

Brushing her answer aside, Zachary answered, "The short version is that the Breen Confederacy, Tzenkethi Coalition, and Talarian Empire formed a sort of alliance. The particulars of which are still unknown to us, but I can have a briefing packet sent to the Cairo for you. That'll tell you what we know."

"Sounds good sir," Leah sighed as things just keep getting interesting by the minute. "Any orders for me sir?" Leah asked looking at him, "Since the Rose is closer I can try to keep Intel on them to find out anything at all." Leah said looking at him.

"Please do," the Admiral insisted. "Don't worry about sorting it. At this point, it's hard to determine what is and isn't accurate. We're finding shreds of evidence in the oddest fragments."

"Sounds good, I'll send word to the Sirus to start intel without going into the expanse." Leah stated looking at him, "if there isn't anything else I am going to grab something to eat. Your welcome to join me if you like Admiral, I don't mind having company, sir." She offered looking at him.

"Thank you for the offer," Zachary stated, "however, I promised my wife I would arrive hungry tonight for dinner." He'd spent so much time in the office lately that most of his meals were delivered while working. It'd been a while since he'd actually spent time with Jillian and their newborn that he'd committed to spending some time with them each week, and tonight was the night he had to make good on that promise.

She nodded, "I understand that." She said as she sighed missing her own husband. "Well, I won't keep you. Let me know what you find out about that chip." Leah said before she turned to leave the Admiral.

"Will do," the Admiral assured before returning to his work.


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