Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Sabru on Route

Posted on Thu May 24th, 2018 @ 2:30pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: USS Eureka (Hazard Team 14)

TFCO's Note: This was originally published on Hazard Team 14's Site.

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Tapping his finger on the table as Isaac looked at the time and back at the screen as he heard the door slide open and saw Kathryn walks in "Your late Waltz...the Admiral is waiting for us" He said on a bit grumpy tone as he tapped onto the side of the table.

"Sorry, work at the Genesis kept me going and..." Kathryn saw Isaac simply wave towards a chair "Yes sir.." Understanding what he was saying as she sat down and waited for the call to come through towards the Admiral office.

The screen flashed, changing from the image of the Task Force logo to the grim face belonging to Vice Admiral Zachary O'Connell. "Commander Hayes. Lieutenant Waltz," he greeted.

“Admiral” they both spoke as they saw him appear “My sincere apology for the delay, we had some unfinished work here” Isaac said narrowing his eyes to Kathryn and looked back at him “However we do have good news, the USS Sabru is on route towards Starbase 72 to deliver the black box of DS7 “

The Admiral frowned. "So the rumors are indeed true," he surmised. It was a sobering thought, the destruction of a starbase. If any assets were to be lost in the field, it was supposed to be starships, not well defended and fortified installations. "Deep Space 7 has been destroyed."

“However...” Isaac replied a bit in a struggle as Kathryn picked it up “We believe that DS7 was an inside job” She shrugs “ We had a welcome party awaiting us. Yet while their actions reassembled as that of pirates they acted in professional behavior”

"An inside job?" Zachary asked, leaning forward in his chair and folding his hands on the desk in front of him. Immediately thinking of his predecessor, Admiral Harrison, who'd vacated the station barely a month before its destruction. "Are you suggesting sabotage or some other form of treachery?"

Treachery was a heavy word to be spoken at this period of the investigation. Kathryn was unsure if it would be that heavy, it could not be that heavy right? "We are unsure at this stadium of the investigation. The black box should give a more clear view of this. However, Miss Waltz beliefs that it is an inside job out of an engineering perspective" Isaac said as Kathryn shrugs 'Thanks Commander..'

"The observation that I made was from the operation area. The base construction is built to withstand forces from the outside. But when I entered the base OC, it was like an implosion had happened" Kathryn tapped her finger on the table as the images of the room came back to her "Like something happened there that would make it go overload inside"

Prior to donning his red uniform and placing three solid gold pips on his collar, Zachary had lived a quite wonderful career as an engineer. Memory recalled that DS7 was an Immense-class installation and required a significant amount of energy to maintain. He placed aside his thoughts of sabotage, for now, and looked at the situation like Lieutenant Waltz would. "It could be any number of things if that's the case. Improperly treated deuterium, mechanical failure, operator error. If we're talking implosion, maybe we're overlooking the obvious, like an accident or systems failure."

"That might be a far stretch..." Kathryn blurt out without even thinking who she was speaking to "Every former report of Deep Space 7 Engineers summaries never stated such problems. And nothing specific around the operational centre that would make that suggestion that it would implode that easy" Kathryn shrugs and leans back in her chair thinking about the topic "This is not a K-Class station, the Immense class does honor towards its name...its a bunker in space" Only then she notice Isaac narrowed his eyes looking at her and shrugs "...sir" Saying it formally towards the Admiral.

Rolling his eyes as Isaac looked at the Admiral "Sabotage, while it is not concluded or evidence is right there, we might have something else that is...odd" The Commander slides his hand over the table as some scan results came up "The Eureka spotted old residue from warp signatures of lots of ships. But the strange thing is, it was one out of range of DS7 and two only a few signatures tended to intercept DS7"

"Not to mention the fact that if it were a systems failure, there'd be some warning to the station's population, we'd have heard of the station's destruction sooner, and there'd be a more common thread to survivor's reports." Zachary sighed, thinking of how messy this whole situation was. Glancing over to Commander Hayes, Zachary stated, "Until we can dig into the black box, let's make sure any theories or speculation stays only with the people that are conducting the investigation. FNS hasn't left my doorstep since the rumors started flowing. As for the situation being odd, that certainly is troubling. Do you have any early theories? Obviously, the black box will do a great deal to helping us understand what happened."

With that said, Kathryn shrugs "We are dealing with something out of the ordinary, something that does not fit the bill" Looking at Isaac as Kathryn shrugs about the idea itself "We are not dealing with pirates here..."

Wanting to facepalm himself as he took a deep breath "What Lieutenant Waltz means is that her team got attacked by a professional tactical survey team. The bodies that have been recovered is unknown towards our records. The second troubling that makes it even more complexing...both Genesis and Eureka got a glimpse of a Romulan Scout decloaking and cloaking again in the ruins area" Isaac shrugs and found it frustrating.

Kathryn nodded towards that statement "They moved so well organized, they must have had military training and they were hunting specific things. Like that black box was concluded by my communication specialist that there was a poor attempt to retrieve it but they were interrupted"

Attacked? Romulans? Corpses? What the hell had SCE gotten themselves into? The mystery of Deep Space Seven was getting deeper and deeper, and equally so the question mark over the Inconnu Expanse. "When Starfleet conducted the sector survey prior to Seven's construction, they concluded that the threat level was less than minimal. And now you're suggesting that not only is there a mysterious power in the expanse, but the Romulans are somehow working with them? Those Romulans are a long way from home."

"I might have a theory about that..." Kathryn carefully spoke.

Zachary looked back to the young lieutenant. At this point, it was all just theory anyway. Only the black box and the logs it contained would shed real light on this situation.

Kathryn shrugs a bit "When looking at the information that the Genesis and Eureka gathered about that ship, even was a glimp its off, its not something that is right or anything about it" Kathryn saw the annoying look of Isaac as if Kathryn was rambling about something again "Seriously...everything that has been seen right here and has happened only brings up more question marks then answers" She taps on the table "A base that like a big oversized fortress in space got imploded from non other than the operational core that some how connected towards the utter failure of the base, with a swarm of ships not in any range of DS7 and not engage it. They knew that DS7 was a danger towards their ships....then we arrive with an unwanted presence right here, with a ship that decloaks and cloaks again with a reading of Romulan"

The Admiral was able to follow that train of thought. After so many centuries of space travel, surely not every rusted starship hull was left to rot in a graveyard. But, if these were older, cannibalized, retrofitted ships, several questions still remained. He was about to speak when Lieutenant Waltz continued.

"The kicker in this all is that ship, it's not modern Romulan tech. It's an old Romulan scout model, modified with another tech" Kathryn spoke leaning backward "Then again Admiral, you state that the area was supposedly safe. Why not put a Regular or another medium class spaceport here? Why a fortress that is known for its defensive powers"

"Lieutenant! You are out of line!" Isaac said in an angry tone

"That's all right, Commander," Zachary interjected before the Commander could go any further. "You do realize, Lieutenant, that I haven't been around the block long enough to have even been considered to be involved in something like this. However, I think we all should be aware of the fact that even though we can't see it, threats lie all around us. Were it not for the intervention of Q, what would it have been like if the Borg simply showed up on our doorstep?"

Kathryn took a deep breath "My apology for global thinking sir. How do we proceed with the following information? Is Genesis still a go towards the Wau system to investigate the SOS signal of the USS York?"

Looking a bit puzzled as Isaac looks at the Admiral "We have received a signal from deep in the expanse that the USS York requires help. But..." He shrugs and looked at Kathryn "We lost signal with them after the signal was received"

Fighting back a frown, Admiral O'Connell nodded. "Proceed with caution. I'll direct the Shenzou and the Vigilant to remain within sensor range, but you've only got a day or two to check it out. I don't want to explain to the Corps of Engineers why a whole team went missing."

"Its a simple check it out, help and get out a situation," Kathryn said convinced and knew in the back of her mind that it might bite back. With that, both officers gave their salute and the transmission ended there. There was still a lot of work to be done.


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