Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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What Was That?

Posted on Mon Apr 9th, 2018 @ 12:56am by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: Starbase 72, Conference Room
Timeline: January 29, 2389

Two days after the Breen representative Thot Senn had arrived, Zachary O’Connell stood inside the conference room with Commodore Chai and Ambassador Ra-Havrox. Moments ago, O’Connell’s yeoman delivered the long awaited message from the Federation Council. As expected, it was brief.

“He won’t be happy,” predicted the Efrosian diplomat.

“I don’t think there’s a single answer that would make him happy,” said the Betazoid starbase commander. “I have little experience with the Breen, but I couldn’t detect anything that resembled urgency or desperation.”

“So you think he’s hiding something?” inquired Zachary, still clutching the padd his yeoman had handed him.

Chai shook her head. “I really couldn’t tell. Their speech is monotonous, and after all these years, we really don’t know anything about the Breen, their physiology, what have you.”

“It’s like the Romulans,” Yivliv offered. “The Coalition of Planets encountered them back in the 2150s, but it wasn’t more than a hundred years later that we learned they shared the Vulcan appearance and background. I bet we’ll be lucky to learn more given their reclusive nature.”

Zachary nodded as the conference doors parted with a loud swoosh.

A heartbeat later, and Thot Senn entered along with his and Starfleet’s security detachment. Senn made no move to sit down, much less move in further than the closing doorway. The Breen switched on his translator and unleashed a short mechanical vibrato which the device transformed into, “You have news from your Council.”

“We do,” Zachary said, instantly gesturing for the Thot to have a seat. The admiral took a seat at the head of the table, with Yivliv and Chai sitting beside him.

Thot Senn did not sit. In fact, he crossed his arms and stared down the Admiral, waiting for the words he expected to hear.

“As promised, we will prepare transports of medical supplies and provisions which we can send to your refugee camps. On behalf of the Federation Council, Ambassador Yivliv here will speak to the Cardassian Union about returning worlds that were a part of the Confederacy prior to the Dominion War–”

A disjointed mechanical rebuttal interrupted. “The Confederacy must be made whole. We will not settle for less.”

Zachary fought a frown. “Thot Senn, we–”

“You are weak cowards, afraid of the spineless Cardassians. Avenging our plight does not benefit the Federation.” Raising a hand, Senn waved away at the three who sat. “In time, you will wish you aided the Confederacy.”

Without another word, Thot Senn turned and departed the conference room with both security delegations in tow.

Zachary sat in silence with the Commodore and the diplomat for a few moments. It was Yivliv who broke the silence, sighing and stating, “I gave up reservations at Madam Ilia’s for this.”

The Admiral grunted before almost releasing a chuckle. What a tailspin the last forty-eight hours had been. Just weeks ago, he’d been a part of the Gavarian Exploration Agreement, and swore in Starfleet’s first class of cadets at the new Bajor campus. Now, they were weeks, months at best, behind on knowing what was really happening in this quadrant.

“He’s definitely hiding something,” Chai stated softly, still staring at where the Breen Thot stood. “I didn’t feel anger or frustration when he heard the news.”

“You’re saying he expected it?”

Chai nodded, turning now to face Yivliv. “I did pick up on one thing. When he told us we’d regret this, he was sincere.”

The three-star sighed as Chai confirmed his suspicion. “The question now is… what will the Breen do next? If this was never going to succeed, what are they truly up to?” Breen ships weren’t able to stand up to the Federation, but the Breen certainly had other ways of one-upping the Federation.

Several hundred decks above, in the docking bay, Thot Senn returned to his cabin aboard the T’Cyla as the freighter initiated its launching procedures. As instructed, the freighter would enter the unclaimed Inconnu Expanse. The Federation would not follow, but he’d be past their sensors soon enough. Thot Grez, his compatriot, was waiting for him and the confirmation that the Federation would remain on the sidelines. How little did the superpower know that their life was about to change forever.


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