Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Awkward Moment

Posted on Sun Apr 1st, 2018 @ 3:46am by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Timeline: January 27, 2389

Yivliv was furious. In spite of all of the favors he pulled, and the Ferengi he’d paid off, it had taken him two months to secure a space at the prestigious Deltan Resort outside Minos Korva’s capital city. He was rewarding himself, belated of course, for a year well done, capped off with the signing of the Gavarian Exploration Agreement. A reward that was allowed to barely last thirty minutes before Petty Officer Tanika barged into his session and dragged him back to Starbase 72.

Dragged, of course, was a very loose term. It was not every day one spoke to a Breen, and it was even rarer for a Breen to cross undetected in Federation space. This was not to be ignored, no matter how much latinum he lost.

Sweeping his long white hair back as Petty Officer Tanika followed him, the Efrosian led the way into the Conference Room where Admiral O’Connell, Commodore Chai, and Thot Senn were already talking.

“Ah,” Zachary said, rising from his chair, as did the Commodore. “Thot Senn, allow me to introduce Ambassador Yivliv Ra-Havrox, the Diplomatic Representative for this sector.”

The Breen officer rose in tandem, nodding and blurping a robotic reply. Normally, Breen speech was encoded to the untrained and unaided ear, a feature welcomed by the Breen who preferred their isolation and anonymity. With the Cardassians pressing on one of their borders, and the prior encounters with the Federation, the Breen’s desires were close to becoming impossible dreams. For that reason, Senn had attached a translation matrix to his visor, allowing a monotone voice to speak, “A pleasure, Efrosian.”

Yivliv brandished a smile and nodded at their visitor. “My apologies for my tardiness,” he explained.

“Quite all right,” the Admiral assured. “We’ve only been through the pleasantries.” Which weren’t much, given how tight lipped the Breen had been thus far. “Thot Senn, if you are comfortable, we can proceed.”

Behind the Thot, two Breen guards maintained a stance of readiness. Both had come aboard with their disruptors, and in the interest of peace, they’d been allowed to carry them. It was then that Yivliv noticed the Starfleet guards posted at the doorway and behind Commodore Chai.

“As you are aware,” the Thot began, “the Cardassians have invaded our space. Billions of lives have been disrupted. Our economy and supply lines are in shambles. And, the Cardassians continue to threaten us, mock us as they fortify what we could not retake.”

Senn continued, “The Breen and the Federation have had many differences in the last few cycles.” Pausing for a second, he added, “We want the Federation to put aside your differences and help us.”

Zachary tried not to bat an eye at the bold declaration, and so did Yivliv. “Help you?” Yivliv asked, taking command from a diplomatic front. “We can certainly send supplies to your re–”

“We have no need for your pity trinkets,” spoke the monotone voice, though the Betazoid Commodore could feel the rage building up inside the suited Breen. “We are capable of feeding ourselves. It is our planets we want back.”

“Thot Senn,” Zachary said, placing both palms faceup on the table before him. “I can have relief supplies organized and sent to the Confederacy in a matter of hours. Sending in starships to stand off against two Cardassian Orders… that one I have to have not just the C-n-C’s approval, but the Federation Council itself.”

Thot Senn immediately rose from the table. “You have one day to obtain your approval,” he ordered. Behind him, his guards exited their readiness stance and followed the Breen commander out of the room. The armed Starfleet guards followed as well to escort them to quarters.

The room was left in utter silence. “I knew the Breen were bold,” Zachary said after nearly a minute. “The Dominion infiltrated Earth and tried to tear it apart from within. The Borg, twice, came within assimilation distance. The Klingons within firing range, but it was the Breen that actually struck San Francisco.”

Commodore Chai looked to the three-star. “Do you think that the Federation will authorize something like–”

“No,” the Admiral said. “I’ve seen the intel reports. Cardassia’s got enough troops and ships to ward off a joint force. And, we just gave them permission to stop firing on one front. I don’t think they’ll like it if we raised a single phaser against them.”

“What about a diplomatic solution?” Yivliv asked. “With my Cardassian contacts, I could arrange a meeting.”

“A meeting two months late,” Zachary pointed out. He sighed. Something here wasn’t right. And he had less than a day to figure it out.

Meanwhile, as Thot Senn marched down the corridor to the embassy wing, he smiled under his helmet. Everything was going according to plan.


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