Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System
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Unexpected Arrival

Posted on Sun Mar 25th, 2018 @ 2:48pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Mission: Alrakis Updates
Location: Starbase 72
Timeline: January 27, 2389

“Well, that’s one last place to worry about,” Commodore Espersen said, setting his padd down on the conference table.

It was the first staff meeting in two weeks. Surrounding the newly returned Admiral O’Connell from Deep Space 10 and the Gavarian Exploration Agreement negotiations was the Commodore, Commander ch’Rhalos, and Commander Del Carlo. The meeting would have happened earlier, but as soon as Zachary had returned to the starbase, he received news that Major General Paul Potter was to be transferred to an entirely different Task Force. They’d already set into motion disassembling and moving Carnwennan Station, an action he had to immediately rescind until he could figure out his command staff situation.

But that was not what this meeting was about.

“I disagree,” stated the Andorian in charge of Task Force Intelligence. “Based on the Admiral’s report, this whole matter was too easy. Both the Cardassians and the Romulans are up to something.”

“Agreed,” said Del Carlo, nodding at Commodore Espersen. “Which is why we’re sparing no expense with the corridor. We’re reactivating our outposts there, and making sure it has some of our newest and strongest starships, including our first Vesta, the Firebrand.”

“I still wish we could have grabbed a captain for that ship,” Zachary lamented. He was the only one standing, and the only one staring at the map of the quadrant. Commander Reynolds was a solid candidate, but he had to get a mission or two under his belt before earning that fourth pip. Despite the rank, the man was the best fit for the job.

“Such is our life when resources are already at a premium,” the Commodore added.

“What about Team Fourteen?” Zachary asked, instantly changing the subject. “Any word from them?” Team Fourteen, dubbed the Valkyries, was a Starfleet Corps of Engineering team that had been assigned to recover Deep Space Seven’s black box, the data recorder that would detail the events leading to the station’s destruction. That was still a mystery.

“They arrived and are in progress,” replied ch’Rhalos. He couldn’t wait, just like everyone else in the room, to get their hands on that data. “Their next check-in isn’t until tomorrow. No one has claimed responsibility, and judging by the attack pattern, it’s no one we’re familiar with.”

“It never is…” Zachary muttered. “Keep our ships in the Expanse on high alert. We might also reach out to the Ferengi, see if any of their traders have–”

Suddenly the comm system chimed. “Commodore Chai to Admiral O’Connell.”

Zachary arched an eyebrow, surprised by the interruption. In the month he’d served on the base, the Starbase’s Commander had rarely reached out to him over comms, especially during the staff meeting. “O’Connell here,” he replied.

“Admiral, the Civilian Transport T’Cyla just docked.”

The eyebrow remained as Zachary looked to his staff. Their faces were just as surprised as his, especially since civilian transport activities were not their immediate concern, save for one person.

Commander ch’Rhalos said, “Sir, the T’Cyla performs regular supply runs along the Breen border to our colonies and installations.” The Andorian only knew of it since it was one of the first to deliver stories of the Cardassian invasion.

“This time,” said Chai over the comm, “they ferried a Breen Thot by the name of Senn. He’s here to meet with you.”

The other eyebrow shot up, almost asking the Intelligence Chief on its own how he missed that one of the Breen fleet commanders had slipped aboard a civilian ferry just to speak with Starfleet.

“Bring him down immediately,” Zachary said, making a note to summon the diplomatic corp to quickly prepare a conference room. “O’Connell out.”

Looking to his staff, he said, “Get me everything we have on Thot Senn right away. And recall Yivliv from Minos Korva. Looks like things just got interesting.”


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