Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System

The Sim

Since its discovery in the 2340s by the USS Berlin, there have been few systems so contested by three major powers. Though the Federation quickly managed to annex the system and establish a colony, the Cardassian Union has always desired to get its hands on this system. With its high concentration of dilithium, deuterium, and various other gases and minerals, the Minos Korva system has become a key mining and supply destination for the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 72.

The Cardassians attempted several times to annex Minos Korva, both through the political scene, during the peacetime after the Federation-Cardassian War, and then with the aid of the Dominion, as it would have made the ideal location to stage an assault deep into Federation space.

Due to its proximity to the Federation-Cardassian border, the Fourth Fleet dug in, establishing a colony on the M-Class world, building a Spacedock in order, and even permanently assigning a Task Group to guard the system. When the Dominion War ended, the Federation made no attempt to disassemble or reduce its forces in this system, a decision which has paid off time and time again.

Now, with tensions on the rise between the Breen Confederacy and the Union, Minos Korva’s importance is being tested yet again. To remind both powers that the Federation will not allow the sector to destabilize, Task Force 72’s Command Banner is transferred to Starbase 72. From there, Vice Admiral Falco Tauvits will observe both powers, and even attempt to restore diplomatic ties between both powers before full scale war has a chance to erupt.