Starbase 72 - Minos Korva System



Out Of Character Etiquette:

--We are a community of writers who work together to complete a story. As such, players will be responsible for reading all posts critical to the mission in order to adequately add to the plot. Should a player fail to read before posting or tagging, the appropriate errors will be highlighted and a revision requested. If a player will continually tag without reading and following the story, the player may be dismissed.

--No player will be allowed to write for another player's character unless written permission is obtained by the character's owner and the CO/XO.

--No player will be allowed to modify/edit a tag (even for grammatical/spelling reasons) that was written by another player. Only the CO/XO can make edits, and these will be done to eliminate confusion, make grammatical/spelling corrections.

--All players are to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

In Character Etiquette:

--Players who chose to play Starfleet officers are expected to remember that a certain caliber of person is required to be a Starfleet officer. We do allow for some leeway in this regard as we do believe that not every character is perfect and is most certainly flawed. As we have seen in Star Trek, it is the pursuit to overcome those flaws that has created the 24th Century that we love to explore. Characters who continually show conduct unbecoming of a Starfleet officer will be dealt with both In Character and Out of Character.

--Godmode/Mary Sue/Superhero Characters are not permissible under any circumstances.

-- Understand that as in real life, actions for your characters will have consequences. For example, do not injure your character or get into a bar fight if you are not willing to spend days in sickbay and/or the brig.


It is our goal to create and encourage a healthy, friendly and creative environment. On occasion, however, there comes a player who seeks to take advantage of this environment or looks to always have his/her way.

As such, any player who has a conflict with another player is encouraged to bring any and all grievances or complaints to a member of the Task Force Senior Staff. We will investigate and deal with the situation accordingly. Often times, this is a matter of miscommunication and is easily cleared up. In the event of a larger complication, the command staff will seek alternative means to bring the conflict to the end, including, but not limited to, moderated posting and possibly removal from the simulation.

The Command Staff, at any time, reserves the right to remove any player from this simulation who has violated the Rules set forth in the Bravo Fleet Constitution & By-Laws and/or the Rules adopted by this simulation.


All players are expected to publish a post every two weeks. This does not mean to log in once every two weeks and hit tags. We also understand that real life can change on an instant with each and every one of us. If, for some reason, this requirement cannot be met, please contact the CO and we will be more than happy to waive requirements or make other arrangements for you.

NPC Policy

NPCs are only to be created with the permission of the Task Force Commanding Officer. Any unclaimed NPC will be deleted.


Starbase 72 is the Task Force fiction, and is therefore classified as being rated 13+. This means:

1. Sim may only include occasional use of mildly offensive language (cursing).
2. Sim may contain violence, but must not contain graphic description of violence or injuries.
3. Sim may only contain references to sexual conduct, and may not contain any descriptions of sexual intercourse or erotic situations.


Starbase 72 is a unique concept where individual players can come and run a sanctioned story without the oversight of a commanding officer / game manager. These stories may or may not impact Bravo Fleet's and Task Force 72's overall canon storyline.

In order to facilitate these missions, several guidelines shall be observed. These include, but are not limited to:

--Players have the right to create original missions, subject to approval, or choose from a stock of available missions/story prompts provided by the TFSS.

--All independent missions shall be subject to TFSS approval, regardless of its level of impact.

--New members may be placed on moderated posting at the start of the mission to ensure story quality.

--Players will be free to run their proposed story, once approved, with limited TFSS oversight.

--If a mission cannot be completed in the allotted time, the TFSS may get involved with the story or make other arrangements to keep the story moving.

--Should a story be abandoned, the TFSS reserves the right to finish the story or transfer it to another player.

--Notwithstanding the above rules, the TFSS reserves the right to remove any player based upon the fleet's regulations or for extenuating circumstances.